3-day Annual FEE Seminar – January 2017

On the 11th and 12th of January 2017 the EkoSkola committee attended the 3-day annual FEE seminar at St. Benedict College Kirkop.  On the 11th the students were presented with the Euro 500 grant for the We Eat Responsibly project by Hon. Minister for Education and Employment. These funds will support the new LEAF and WER project at school  – a herb / vegetable garden in the sisters’ convent which products will be used by the sisters and also for the Home Economics lessons.


During the seminar the girls had the opportunity to visit several stalls such as that of Wasteserv and to participate in several workshops including games and quizzes related to sustainable development, the preparation of smoothies using fresh fruits and vegetables by Fonzu l-Fenek and his team and also Prayer Spaces where the students had some time to unwind and reflect and pray for others especially for the people in need such as refugees, homeless etc. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience for all the committee members.


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