Grade 5 Mini Clean-Up Session – March 2023

Wednesday 22nd March 2023, the Grade 5 girls held a mini clean-up in Birżebbuġa. They walked along the promenade close to Pretty Bay, the adjacent public garden, and even on the bay itself picking up rubbish. The girls managed to fill up two large garbage bags, mostly filled with cigarette buds, plastic bottles, cans, and food wrappers. They really enjoyed this activity, and it made them reflect about how careless we can be towards the environment. The activity was coordinated by Ms Nicole Inguanez, with the help of Ms Antonella Cassar and Ms Alexia Mercieca.


This activity was organised as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Day celebration which is being organised by HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. between 20th and 30th March 2023. Our school is collaborating with HSBC to contribute to this day by carrying out different activities as part of the school’s corporate social responsibility commitment.